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“A painful period is not normal, and a woman’s health is not a taboo!” – Interview with HeyJulie

For those of you who don’t know what it all is, can you explain exactly what endometriosis is?

Endometriosis is a benign, chronic disease that affects one in ten women of childbearing age. In Hungary, this means nearly 200,000 women. In endometriosis, cells in the body that resemble the endometrium are found outside the uterus and can cause a variety of problems there. The disease has 4 stages, but the severity of symptoms does not always correlate with the severity of the endometrium. The cause of its formation is unknown, so unfortunately it cannot be prevented.

How did you discover that you had endometriosis? What are the signs?

The most common symptom of endometriosis is menstrual pain. For every second a woman suffers from this, is affected by the disease. I’m one of them too, and although my period has been painful since I was very young, 3 years ago it got so severe that I was taken to the emergency room because of it. From here, unfortunately, there was no direct way to the solution, but I took my destiny and this is in my hands Easier Together for Women’s Health With my help, I reached for the appropriate specialist who finally performed and diagnosed me. After that, I also started helping the foundation work and speaking openly about the disease on my own surfaces so that those involved could get a diagnosis as quickly as possible.

How can you live with this in everyday life? How does disease prevent it?

Unfortunately, since there are still a lot of questions about endometriosis and there is no specific treatment for it, there is a lot of burden on the individual to find treatments and methods that will hopefully help cure or keep the disease away. Now, I’m mainly thinking about lifestyle changes that also support general physical and mental health, so it’s definitely worth addressing them. Regardless, this involves many compromises, even in terms of diet. In addition, many people experience constant pain and do everything they can in vain, the disease may worsen and they may need another surgery.

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Once the diagnosis is revealed, what should you pay attention to, as it may change?

Endometriosis can be formally diagnosed by a specialist who performs laparoscopic surgery, so he or she will be able to create a treatment plan for everyone in person. Often this means taking hormones because they can prevent the spread or recurrence of the endometrium in the body. And lifestyle changes are really very diverse. Quitting sugar and red meat, exercising regularly, and dramatically reducing stress are two of the most widely accepted advice. Additionally, many consider letting go of dairy, gluten, and processed foods (and even other food groups) as a good option. Alternatively, you may want to look to alternative therapies such as acupuncture, shiatsu, meditation, psychotherapy, phytotherapy, and more.

Why do you think it is important to reach as many people as possible about this topic? What do you do to do this?

Because, unfortunately, the diagnosis may take years. At home, women have symptoms for an average of 4 years. Many doctors consult before they suspect endometriosis and diagnose it with laparoscopic surgery. This is also because painful menstruation is considered a normal occurrence in society, although it is not. Other symptoms of endometriosis include chronic pelvic pain, pain during sexual intercourse, and pain associated with urination and defecation, but they may not appear in isolation and may be asymptomatic. This is why I find it so important to speak through my example and share in videos, podcasts, and Instagram that painful periods are not normal and women’s health is not a taboo. Reality. Many have already written to me about seeing a doctor under my influence because they realized that it was not normal to live in permanent pain and so they came close to a solution. It is an invaluable feeling for me to know this.

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To what extent will this affect family formation in the future?

Unfortunately, infertility, or even more difficult fertility, is largely linked to the disease. 40% of women struggle with this endometriosis, which is one of the main causes of infertility. It is by no means impossible to conceive naturally or by participating in the flask program, but unfortunately it is more difficult anyway. If there is organ involvement that directly affects this, it is because, but there are many who don’t actually know why endometriosis is preventing pregnancy.

What advice would you give someone who has a fear of developing endometriosis?

The most important fact in this regard, I think, is that one should not be afraid of endometriosis, but rather of the unknown. For me, my diagnosis was a huge relief because I received an explanation of the pain I have been living with so far in my life. It is much better to know and act against him and ourselves than to be suspicious. If he’s leading us towards a healthier lifestyle, especially on the path to learning about how our bodies function and conforming to our femininity, then we can be grateful for that somewhere. The women I know have had endometriosis and / or fertility problems that are very strong and persistent one after the other. I look at them and no matter how weird it sounds, I am sometimes happy to be one of them. Such a struggle teaches things about life that add a lot to a person.

Text: Nicolette Horvat