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A picture of Mars arrived in the west

NASA’s Curiosity rover captured a stunning view of Mount Sharp on the Red Planet, writes NASA JPL page. The mission team was so impressed by the scene that they combined a black and white photo taken at different times of the day to create a postcard-like shot.

The new image shows a Western desert landscape filled with mountains and sand dunes.

The robot takes black and white 360-degree photos with its navigation cameras. To make data transmission easier, store your recordings in low resolution. However, when the experts looked at the view from Curiosity’s latest station, they decided to capture the landscape in the best possible quality.


The footage was recorded by Mars on November 16, with the images taken in the morning and afternoon local time. Then the team combined the data and added color to the image.

The photo shows what the view looks like from the side of Mount Sharp, at a height of 5 miles – Curiosity has been climbing the mountain since 2014. At 400-800 meters there is a field of sand dunes, far away and on the right side of the panorama you can see Mount Rafael Navarro. squad Rafael Navarol, named after a member of the mission who died this year.

Mount Sharp is located in Gale Crater, which is 154 kilometers in diameter, and the edge of the formation can be seen in the distance in the current image. Experts believe that there was a lake in the hole where life may have evolved.

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