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A pleasant surprise for sure: in the pictures of Toyota Yaris Cross

The Toyota The Yaris Cross, the popular crossover of the famous brand, won the Hungarian Car of the Year 2022 in the small car category, and it is no coincidence that many expected it to be one of the most popular cars in its class in a short time.

With the launch of the Toyota Yaris Cross on the floor of the award-winning 2021 Yaris Cross, the manufacturer filled a real hole in its portfolio, as Toyota has yet to offer any alternative in the small crossover segment. The next-generation model at the same time embodies all the advantages of an SUV and the comfort of an urban compact car, a new splash of color and a definite pleasant surprise.

Toyota Yaris Cross in pictures

I thought a lot about the filming location, and finally decided to start on Mosquito Island, which I love in Lake Venice, and from there I was able to see how far I could get on the little dirt roads by the lake.

Toyota Yaris Cross review

Photo: Péter Mosoni / Igényesfé e-magazine

At the time, I had no idea that this was the best and least useful aspect of the Toyota Yaris Cross. On the highway, the inflexible 1.5-cylinder turbo left plenty of design time.

Toyota Yaris Cross in pictures

Photo: Péter Mosoni / Igényesfé e-magazine

While the car is going straight, if you really want to drive it, it struggles noticeably. Well, well, I could tell that the tall superstructure, the small cc turbocharged engine isn’t an advertising feature for the highways, but somehow I have to get home with it…when I got off the concrete road with the little machine, all of a sudden it all made sense: the thrust engine The quad, above-average ground clearance, short wheelbase gave me confidence throughout.

Toyota Yaris Cross test

Photo: Péter Mosoni / Igényesfé e-magazine

With a quiet hybrid drive, getting close to nature is almost at your fingertips. He managed to escape from everyday life with him to a pleasant “off-road” degree, and of course his brother, who was driven only by the front wheel, was able to do the same.

Toyota Yaris Cross - Mosoni Peter

Photo: Péter Mosoni / Igényesfé e-magazine

Perfect size for city, off-road outdoor

Despite its strong and powerful appearance, Toyota Yaris Cross is distinguished mainly by an urban minivan, high seating, a spacious cabin and practical luggage space.

Toyota in Yaris Cross

Photo: Péter Mosoni / Igényesfé e-magazine

The Yaris Cross, like the Yaris, is made with a wheelbase of 2560 mm, but the car is 240 mm longer with a front overhang of 60 mm and a rear overhang of 180 mm, so the interior space is also increased. Clearance increased by 30 mm and the body became 90 mm higher and 20 mm wider than the Yaris.

Toyota Yaris Cross in pictures - Peter Mosoni

Photo: Péter Mosoni / Igényesfé e-magazine

The floor plate offers impressive rigidity, a low center of gravity and a well-balanced chassis, so cars built on it can be steered pleasantly and consistently while comfortably spring-loaded.

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Toyota wanted to create a body that was smart and lively, with striking proportions

The clean three-dimensional design of the nose piece, which creates a “fearless” effect, is emphasized by hitting the plastic elements on the fenders and sucking in the lower air. The distinguishing feature of the side view is the horizontal line extending from the headlights to the taillights, indicating dynamic performance and handling.

Toyota Yaris Cross Performance

Photo: Péter Mosoni / Igényesfé e-magazine

The distinctive line running from the tailgate to the front of the cabin is a good indication of the spaciousness of the passenger compartment. The angular design of the center of the rear tracks and the large tailgate opening clearly indicate the practicality of the vehicle. The shape of the rear fender and the elongated drop section give a powerful impact – just like the front.

Toyota Yaris Cross specifications

Photo: Péter Mosoni / Igényesfé e-magazine

At least the beauty of the interior is no less than its beauty

The edge of the center console continues to display sound on the screen. Engineers have placed the seats, steering wheel, shift lever and all controls in the optimal positions. The ultra-clear color LCD multi-information display, the screen sound and the instrument panel are so loud that the driver has to look as far away as possible.

Interior - Toyota Yaris Cross

Photo: Péter Mosoni / Igényesfé e-magazine

The interior is pleasantly “Japanese”, it is not the highest quality, but it is not ubiquitous hammered plastic, and the car can live inside it. A lack of feel in a back seat design alone isn’t the most comfortable solution for parents with young children and our tall bunnies teens.

Toyota Yaris Cross City Car

Photo: Péter Mosoni / Igényesfé e-magazine

Toyota is undoubtedly following this trend, with the Yaris Cross as the ultimate compact car built for the city: in this class, it brings in more than is expected of it.

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