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A popular word about Putin and Lukashenko: Coup against Zoomon

The leaders of Russia and Belarus talk about coups, foreign agents, and the assassination of Lukashenko. Analysts say it is more about provoking intelligence.

He spoke for four hours in Moscow on Thursday with Russian President Vladimir Putin Alexander Lukashenko. It’s hard to believe that they were actually talking about what the Kremlin spokesman Bischoff said, specifically the industrial cooperation between the two countries. The leader of the Belarusian vocabulary at least said that it is about issues of security and mutual defense, as well as issues of integration. In the fall, the supreme body of the Russian-Belarus summit, which is only theoretically, will meet, anticipating “certain documents” about the development of the alliance between the two countries, and that 26 or 27 topics have already been closed. . It is in the overriding interest of Russian power for Lukashenko to abandon his swing policy of previous years and clearly side with Russia. The ideal would be for the two countries’ secret services – the Belarusian KGB and the Russian FSB – to build a case that could serve as a pretext for further retaliation in Belarus and as a tool for domestic propaganda. On April 12, two Belarusians were arrested in Moscow and a third in Belarus. Lukashenko told journalists in state media about the case for a week when he participated in the traditional volunteer work on Saturday in April (“the communist Saturday, if anyone still remembers it).” He claimed that an attempt to seize power had been exposed and that the participants wanted to physically destroy him and his children ( An innocent child of 45, 41, and 16 years old) and buried near Gomel. According to him, this was settled by the CIA or the FBI and also involved Poland. According to the Belarusian intelligence, the coup is planned for June or July, as The Russian Federal Security Service informs on May 9. An image appears from publications and articles from the independent press of Belarus.Accordingly, many opponents, intellectuals and some leaders of the regime change party called the People’s Front in Belarus – participated in online talks in which the opportunities for regime change were discussed. Suggestions were made that are now being interpreted as a plot to attempt a coup. One participant targeted the assassination of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat on October 6, 1981, at a military parade in Cairo. The Egyptian grenade was fired at the president and then the decoration. The saddle, many commanders were killed, and many were wounded.) Presumably, this was the reason that the Russians believed that the coup would have started with the Victory Day Parade in Minsk. It was also alleged that the magnification talks spoke of important buildings to be occupied, announcements to be read on the radio, and the creation of a National Rescue Committee to replace the head of state. They were interrogated by the mukhabarat, then pretended to be dissatisfied military leaders Contact the participants. Alexander Fedota (lawyer, writer, and former follower of Lukashenko, then opposition politician) and Yuri Zelenkovich (lawyer, dual-national Belarusian-American citizen, activist in the Belarusian People’s Party) were invited to Moscow to discuss the case of L. (He was a Soviet director, has been active in the BNF since the 1980s, and head of the opposition party for two years.) Fedota and Zelenkovich went to spit, and the Federal Security Service in Moscow arrested them, then they were transferred to Minsk, where the two men are held in the Belarusian KGB prison. Putin also spoke about the matter in his annual appraisal address on April 21. Lukashenko refers to the incitement in the West and Poland because he sees the entire protest movement as a US-Polish plot. On the other hand, Russians talk about the existence of Ukrainian nationalists. Russian propaganda is not about the role of the West now. Belarusian analysts are aware of the use of Soviet templates in the case. Feduta and Zelenkovich cheated Moscow in the same way GPU cheated some Soviet opponents of the time. They also point out that “the capture of zoom” can be a pretext to terrorize society, and enter mass trials, as Stalin did in the 1930s after the assassination of Kirov. These are speculations about what Lukashenko and Putin’s “red line” also meant Thursday night.

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