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A research team has developed a new drug to prevent severe lung damage in Covid-19 disease

An international research team led by Mojse Hajtov of the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow and Rudolf Valenta of the Vienna University of Medicine have come up with a new method: a drug that can be inhaled to prevent damage to the lungs of sufferers.

And according to Valenta, most of the antibody and plasma mixture from the US pharmaceutical company Regeneron has been available for recovery so far. The bottom line is that antibodies from the blood of people with Covid-19 are used to treat it.

The drug now being developed works differently and is already in the early stages of the second clinical phase. The essence of the treatment is to combine the DNA and transporter peptide so that the active substance is targeted to the infected cells, preventing the spread of the virus. The protective mechanism embedded in the RNA prevents the drug from immediate degradation and ineffectiveness. Like asthma medication, the liquid should be inhaled, and it is recommended to use it several times a day.

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The researchers found that the new treatment not only prevented severe lung damage, but also slowed the development of serious complications, thus avoiding mechanical ventilation for patients. Incidentally, the new drug is based on the work of Craig Mello and Andrew Fire, 2006 Nobel Prize winners in medicine. RNA interference was discovered, which is responsible for turning on or off certain genes in eukaryotic cells (the nucleus).

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