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A Romanian woman accidentally poisoned her three young daughters

He smeared the heads of his children against lice with nerve poison.

Three young girls were hospitalized in Iai county, Romania, because their mother smeared their heads with an anti-worm used to dry animals, according to news reports. I discovered lice in the hair of girls aged 6, 8 and 11 years old. He used a substance that is poisonous to humans to exterminate them.

After lubricating their heads with deworming, her children became ill. Before leaving, the paramedics advised the woman to rinse the young girls’ hair well with water several times. This mitigated the effects of the poison. The children were taken to the hospital and under medical supervision.

a Transindex He wrote earlier that the insecticide used by women is mainly used in agriculture, public health and animal husbandry, and is a neurotoxin that also poses a danger when released into the environment.

A few days ago due to a similar poisoning in Brasov Province Three young girls died. A Saxony woman also discovered lice in her children’s hair, and used a product used to get rid of sheep. His two young daughters died that day, and the third lost his life in the hospital a few days later.

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