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A runaway herd of elephants trampled a lot of everything in China for 500 km

In southwest China, 15 elephants have caused a very serious uproar in recent weeks: the herd fled a nature park in April, and since then has grazing 500 kilometers of cornfields, destroying barns and trampling a lot of everything in its path.

Photo: Hu Zhao / Xinhua via AFP

The Guardian is the Chinese press He writes about it based onLast week the elephants drained the reservoir, which is why the residents of the neighboring village fear that their cultivated grain will dry up. Details of the circumstances in which the elephants escaped are still unknown, but in recent weeks, significant forces in the country have moved in on the migrating animals: local authorities have escorted the elephants and mobilized hundreds of people to ensure that the animals do not suffer any human casualties.

However, while the elephants have so far roamed mainly in the rural landscape, occasionally touching a city, on Tuesday they were only 20 kilometers from Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, where millions of people live. It is estimated that elephants have trampled on 56 hectares of crops since mid-April, causing damage to hundreds of millions of forints.

Photo: Hu Zhao / Xinhua via AFP

In Yunnan Province, 300 marine elephants live in reserves and are considered protected animals. In the 1980s, fewer than 200 individuals lived here alone.

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