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A self-contained water city being built in South Korea – video

A modern water city is being built in South Korea that is also resistant to typhoons with a strength of five points. According to the plans, the city of hexagons will be completed by 2025.

Oceanix’s flagship project, Water City, is being implemented in Busan, South Korea. Business Insider said.

The plan has been in the works for two years, but many coastal municipalities have not endorsed the idea. The South Korean city agreed on Thursday to host a floating city by 2025.

The Six-Platform City will be able to withstand a number of natural disasters, including floods, tsunamis and Category 5 hurricanes.

Hexagons are widely considered to be among the most effective architectural forms.

We hope this will benefit every coastal city in the world and every coastal community facing the challenge of rising sea levels, Oceanix co-founder Madamumbi Itai, told Insider.

Another goal of the company is for the city to be able to rise with the sea, extracting food, energy and fresh water.

The project will cost about 200 million dollars (63 billion HUF).

Itai Madamumbi said the UN Human Settlements Program will collect data on how development is working in Busan. His team hopes to apply this experience to their next project: Oceanix is ​​in talks with ten other governments to build more floating cities.

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