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A sequel to Twins is really coming

In addition to Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tracy Morgan will also be part of the alien family.

It seems that 33 years later, the hit comedy of 1988, is Gemini continuation. The title of the second part Triplets, that is, there will be triplets, which already lays the foundations of the story: A Danny DeVito iss Arnold Schwarzenegger They form a pair of twins realizing that they have a third twin brother whose existence they did not know, and who is at least as far from each other as he is from each other. Because it’s black for example. Separated brother Tracy Morgan will make up.

Evan Reitman The director has long been trying to put the sequel under the roof, originally Eddie Murphy He will be the third hero. Reitman said the whole idea for the movie came from where Schwarzenegger and Murphy sat down to talk. Reitman and Murphy also started writing a screenplay, but after it came out this year and was a huge hit, I came to America We think it’s awful – This year’s sequel, Murphy was inundated with offers, so Reitman realized they couldn’t do that with him for a while. Then the choice fell on Tracy Morgan. The director said he had already spoken on the phone with Schwarzenegger, who had just been in Budapest, and was excited about the shoot.

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