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A series of exercises on the place of artificial intelligence in healing has begun

2021. 10. 02. 23:00

The Semmelweis University Health Management Training Center, which aims to familiarize participants with the potential of artificial intelligence, has launched an in-service training course for medical practitioners entitled “Data-Driven Health – The Place of Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Healing”.

The training series began on 27 July 2021 at Bács-Kiskun District Teaching Hospital, and then continued the next day at Erzsébet Teaching Hospital in Sopron. There was great interest in the topic at both locations, with approximately 70 people attending the two trainings. In October-November of this year, 6 more courses will be held, first in Szolnok, then in Nyregyhaza, Miskolc, Visprem, Sixfervar and Zallägerzeg. The expected date of the closing event of the program series is November 9, 2021, the residence of the Hungarian Medical Center in Budapest.

The training is carried out under the Thematic Excellence Program, in collaboration with the National Knowledge Center for Data Economy, where the lecturers and lecturers of the Health Management Training Center provide the institute’s research and development activities towards data-driven health. The aim of the research is to provide preventive, diagnostic and curative assistance to healthcare providers and patients from data analysis and health data from mobile devices, surface and implanted sensors. Presentations provide insight into data-driven health insight, legal and cybersecurity aspects of deploying AI applications, and achievements in the two priority areas of public health (mammography and colonoscopy).

To complete the accredited program, you will receive 8 Continuing Education Points for Healthcare Professionals.