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A serious indictment by Majka against Tivadar Farkshazi

A serious indictment by Majka against Tivadar Farkshazi

The rapper spoke in an interview that he wasn’t called more than once at the time because he didn’t want to be a “John nod.”

“Teddy is the typical left-wing artist who cannot accept anything that comes from the right. That was the general attitude of Teddy and it hurt me.” quotes Majka is Blikk. According to him, Farkshazy always wanted to take the negativity out of the right’s positive decisions. At Majka, the cup was full when she commented in a neutral story, “So how do we get out of this how genius Viktor Urban is?”

Majka thinks Varkashazi was chewing on it too much at the time, and later he wouldn’t invite Weekly Week producer, Gyorgy Onodi, to the show anymore. “I wasn’t John sitting there with his head down,” added Majka, who said she was censored multiple times for what she said while taping the show.

Blikk contacted Tivadar Farkasházy, who, in turn, recalls what happened, “Like Stohl Buci or Livius Varga, he did not appear on the show later because their environment advised them not to do so. So it was their decision and not that of the channel and especially Weekly.”

Everything he said about the censorship charges was “nonsense”. At the same time, he noted that Majka does not tell the truth about him either, because he is not a loyal leftist, but just a supporter of freedom. He says, “So far we are always happy to greet each other when we meet, and I hope that next time will be the case to clear up misunderstandings, but you don’t have to bring Szijjártó.”

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