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A spokesman for Boris Johnson condemned Orban’s earlier remarks the day before the prime ministers’ meeting

Victor Urban will visit London on Friday to meet British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. A Johnson spokesperson was also asked about the meeting Thursday, saying that given Orban took over the chair of V4s in the second half of the year, it was imperative for the UK’s economy and security to work with Hungary. Guardian writes.

The spokesman also said that during the meeting, Johnson would draw the region’s attention to British interests. However, according to British news agency PA, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson condemned Viktor Orban’s earlier statement on Muslims and immigrants. Hungarian Prime Minister for years On the Islamic invasion forces He spoke, likening the arrival of migrants to poisons. In this regard, the spokesperson said that they would not be shy about raising human rights issues and that these specific statements were condemned by Johnson as divisive and false.

The extent of Orban’s anxiety to the British press indicates that the Conservative Times wrote about the Hungarian prime minister as the biggest European supporter of China and Russia in an article Thursday morning.

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