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A stadium inspired by Magda Szabó’s novel was built in Debrecen

Magda Sabo blue island The newest stadium in Debrecen, which has become a dangerous complex, is inspired by his bookannounce RTL Club. Compared with the previous stadium, the stadium has more space and new games, which Renovated with the support of the European Union in the amount of 1.2 billion HUF.

On the playground, they tried to conjure up the novel’s wonderland, the island where the protagonist, Valentine, finds wonderful machines, miraculous medicines, and wise laws. This is where in the book the local scientists begin a search for the elixir to save Valentine’s mother. It must be island blue, a blue that cannot be produced anywhere else.

An earlier edition of Magda Szabo’s book Sziget-kék.

It was published in 1959 blue island Its critics classified it in the genre of utopia, because the island in the novel depicts a global model in which man, animals, science and nature live side by side in harmony. Today, we prefer to define it as the so-called green fairy tale, which conveys animal protection, sustainable and humane development, in an intuitive way perhaps the most natural to children.

Now you can play in this fairy-tale world in the renovated playground in Debrecen, where many animal characters from the novel appear, and where a five-story observation deck with huge slides is set.

(RTL . Club)

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