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A stalemate has arisen in the Bulgarian elections

Three months later, elections in Bulgaria had to be held again because the government majority in Parliament had not been formed after the vote in early April. Moreover, anti-elite protest parties have recently gained increasing popularity, campaigning with promises of crackdown on corruption. Borisov, accused of putting EU funds earmarked for Bulgaria in the pockets of businessmen close to him, was also attacked.

The Bulgarian Electoral Office announced that the turnout was 95 percent to me GERB received 23.91 percent of the vote, only slightly ahead of ITN, which received 23.66 percent.

Third place goes to the Socialists with 13.63 percent of the vote, followed by the anti-corruption Democratic Bulgaria Party with 12.55 percent. Also on foot! Mafia, cover up! An anti-elite party and a Turkish ethnic party won seats in the Legislative Council.

Although Borisov’s party received the largest number of votes, there is little chance that it will be able to form a ruling coalition, so analysts do not exclude the possibility of new elections.

Cover photo source: Georgiy Balikov/NoorPhoto via Getty Images

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