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A store warned its customers to choose a controller carefully

The reason is clearly the acquisition of Actision Blizzard.

Microsoft completes one of its largest ever acquisitions after announcing $68.7 billion paid for full Activision Blizzard, Along with all of its studios and brands. Yes, including the Call of Duty franchise, which is topping the charts every year and will surely print money for Microsoft once the deal is finalized.

But many PlayStation owners are worried that they won’t be able to purchase new Call of Duty episodes on their console, as some titles from Bethesda have also become Microsoft exclusives after the ZeniMax acquisition (see Starfield). Although, according to Phil Spencer, the You don’t necessarily have to worry about the players, but a Bloomberg journalist, According to Jason Schreyer The next three CoD pieces will only appear on Sony devices, and then the era of exclusivity may come.

The feeling of insecurity is also reinforced by the image it contains VGC In a French supermarket in Cora, which left Hungary a few years ago, shoppers were able to see shelves headed for PlayStation consoles. Here, a call informs them that Microsoft has become the owner of Activision Blizzard, the publisher of Call of Duty, so carefully choose the console you want to buy.

Cora has about sixty stores in France and another twenty in Romania, Belgium and Luxembourg, but it has not yet been revealed whether the warning has been removed in all regions or if it is just a special sale for one store.

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