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A supernova could have been caused by colliding with a black hole

A completely new type of previously hypothesized supernova can now only be observed indirectly for the first time – thanks to a very large survey of the sky, scientists have found evidence that stars are “exploding” prematurely due to an extremely compact object.

This could be due to a collision with a neutron star or a black hole. As reported in the journal Science mentioned, a nuclear explosion caused by a supernova fusion has been considered possible for some time, but scientists have found no evidence for this.

Now, Caltech graduate researcher Dillon Dong and colleagues have found that an extremely bright radio source, VT J121001 + 4959647, first collected from data in 2017, was caused by a dead star that collided with its companion star and caused an early explosion.

Massive stars typically explode as supernovae when they run out of nuclear fuel, said astronomer Greg Hallinan of the California Institute of Technology. However, he added that In this case, a rogue black hole or neutron star caused the companion star to explode prematurelyThis is the first time that a merger-induced supernova has been confirmed.

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