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A Swarm of Old and New Flavors – When Will Health Finally Matter?

I’d like to call Andrea And the Zoltán Czampa In our grocery store, we can buy exactly as much food as we need, plus without packaging. The environment evokes the atmosphere of antiquity, as if we were back in the past, where there was still time to talk and hop over each other for a coffee and, in this case, the K. Morgan store. There are many novelties among their products, so we don’t have to give up improved foods as well, but they also offer opportunities for a waste-free lifestyle.

In the general store, in addition to staples: such as cold pressed sunflower oil or Pride salt, you can also buy appetizers, legumes, lentils and rice in a variety of colors – which can be brown, yellow, red or black. We can choose from flour and grits like green bean flour or rice groats. There is no shortage of seeds and chips either, if you want a meat-free food then mushroom loaf powder is sure to win us over. Gluten-free pasta and products are also available, including quail pasta, beetroot, and pepper.

Where did the idea come from and what are the goals of Andrea and Zoltan? When I asked them about this, they replied that it was definitely a result of a very slow process. They have been busy for a very long time about how to live a healthier life and dispose of the many trash on Earth. As a museum teacher, Andrea organized summer camps for children in the spirit of recycling. At the start of the virus spreading, he decided to replace the primary product card and divide gardening more seriously. He is very fond of cooking, including juices and jams. He has entered a community where they are trying to create a market for the producers. This store has also been imagined to have local produce, so they only sell seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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Zoltán learned his craft at the Museum of the Blue Painter, but had to “put his business in the parking lot” and get involved in quail breeding. Andrea and Zoltán also live in Pápa, but based on their experiences, they have seen that people in Ajka are more open to such actions. Zoltan said with a smile: It is true that banana chips are my favorite now, but the various side dishes are the most consumed foods. They also have dairy products available for only one week, and the delicious cheeses are made from cow’s milk. They also want to meet the daily needs of their customers, so they also plan to purchase baked goods. There is also the possibility of delivery, if someone needs it, their background has already been created.

They have a lot of ideas and plans, among other things, Andrea would like to hold classes in environmental culture for school and kindergarten children, and Zoltán will introduce the little ones to the quail. And where did the store get its name from, what is the origin of K. Morgan? This should remain a secret for now, but all I can say is that a particular quail may have something to do with it.