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A thirty-meter giant was discovered in Australia

Another species of dinosaur was identified by paleontologists in Australia, the remains of a huge 30-meter titanosaur that lived about 90 million years ago were found in southwest Queensland, in 2007.

Cooper was nicknamed the giant reptile

And the website of the British newspaper The Guardian stated that this is the largest dinosaur ever found in Australia. The Australutean coprensis Among the species that bear a scientific name are herbivorous dinosaurs that belong to the group of titanosaurs, sauropod dinosaurs.

The Cretaceous period lived in a period of Earth’s history, it was probably 25-30 meters long, and 5-6.5 meters high.

He had a very long neck and tail, similar to well-known dinosaurs such as brachiosaurus or Apatosaurus.

Scientific reconstruction of Australotitan coprensis, Australia’s largest reptileSource:

Researchers have dubbed him Cooper since his remains were discovered at Copper Creek in the Eromanga Basin in 2007, but it has only now been scientifically identified by paleontologists at the Queensland Museum and Eromanga Museum of Natural History. Experts found that the scapula, pelvis, and femur are largely intact.

The giant can weigh sixty-seven tons

Paleontologist Robin McKenzie, co-founder of the Eromanga Museum, was quoted as saying, “The remote location, size and fragility of dinosaur bones have delayed the official decision. These large, fragile bones need years of preparation and cleaning.” MacKenzie and her husband founded the museum after dinosaur bones were first discovered on their family property in 2006.

Since then, the remains of 15 dinosaurs have been found in the area.

According to the paleontologist, based on the length and circumference of Cooper’s bone, the dinosaur may have weighed about 67 tons.

Robin Mackenzie fosszíliáival “Cooper”Fors: Australian News Review / Steve Young

Remains of another australutean specimen were also found in Eromanga. George may have been larger than Cooper based on the size of his femur, but his bones were more fragmented, making it difficult to study. The world’s largest dinosaur, the Patagotitan, was discovered in Patagonia, South America. It was estimated to be 37 meters long and weigh 55-69 tons.

(Source: MTI)

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