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A true fairy tale: 13 years ago he helped Joe Biden, whose helicopter forcibly landed in Afghanistan, and now the president saved him

Thirteen years ago, several US senators traveled to Afghanistan, where their helicopters were hit by a snowstorm, so they had to make an emergency landing in a narrow valley. As a translator, Aman Khalili helped the American delegation find a safe haven where they could not be attacked. Delaware Senator Joe Biden also traveled by helicopter.

After the Taliban took power in late August, Khalili indicated to the US president via CNN that he and his family wanted to leave the country and had applied for a special visa.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki already knew Biden remembered an interpreter who had helped so many people for the 13 years the United States was committed to evacuating its allies.

The US State Department has now notified BBCKhalili and his family had received assistance from the Washington government and had already traveled from Pakistan. An organization called Human First Coalition took the lead in saving them, thanking the US and Pakistani authorities for their contributions. There is no news yet on whether the translator and his family have arrived in the United States.

Since 2008, the United States has accepted 70,000 Afghans on special visas.

Cover image source: Drew Angerer / Getty Images

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