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A Veil from Decades of Mystery: Janos Koss and Jessa Hovey? – Metropol

Former classmates smiling They remember Died a year and a half ago Janos KosOutside. the eternal master of fun, who today will turn 84 years old, He was in a good mood around him, not by chance jeza hofi His partner on stage and his friend in private. Their collaboration culminated with the famous Cat Cat, of which a cartoon version was also made. Oddly enough, this swan song became their very successful song. It also spread across the country to Friends who are inseparable quarrel irrevocably. Ildico Hofe In turn, refutes rumors of contracts.

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Tamas Szirts, Janos Kos, Ildiko Cover, Karoly Horvat
(Photo: Tibor Saffir)

“I heard myself step by step that Geza quarreled with Janos Kos at some point. Because they broke up, they worked separately because they met forever. This is not a correct word. announce HintsThe widow of the great laughing man. When asked about this by Jessa Hovey, he always replied intently: “Life separates us.He heard the same thing from Janos Koss when he once said about him.

“I know they respected each other endlessly. I’m not talking about a deep friendship because Géza allowed very few people who were really close to him. But since our vacation home and Koós Jancsi vacation home have been in Visegrád for a long time, we spent a lot of time together. It also happened that we sat at home and watched one of Jancsi Koós’ shows on TV, singing, joking and amusing the audience, and Géza called me to congratulate him the next day. János Koós was a likable, elegant, charming and talented man who had an impressive career without Géza. And Giza alone filled the hall from night to night, year after year … For the rest of his life, he loved to watch Jani’s career and fate, and regularly called him, Their friendship never ran out.”he added.

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