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A warning to the English living in Hungary: an important deadline is approaching

The Budapest office seeks the help of Hungarian readers to reach out to British citizens who have not yet applied for installation.

In view of its withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit), Parliament passed a law last December relating to the residence rights of British citizens and their families. The expression of the proposal states that the affected British community of about 5,000 people has the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Hungary on favorable terms so that they can continue to stay here.

British citizens residing in Hungary before January 1, 2021, including those with a residence or residence permit issued before joining Hungary in the EU in 2004, or with a Hungarian residence permit, must apply for a residence permit by 31 December 2021. If they were not Hungarian-British dual citizens, he would have married a citizen.

Old style documents previously issued to British citizens are valid until 31 December 2021, so those who do not apply for new documents by this date will lose the rights they received in Hungary and can only normally – verify them in more detail. Complex immigration procedure from January 2022. To stay in Hungary.

According to the announcement, 1,200 British citizens have already submitted their applications, but many have not done so by the deadline.

In the statement, Ambassador Paul Fox quoted: “Anyone with British friends, neighbors or family members who came to Hungary before 1 January 2021 should be asked if they have already applied for a residence permit. If not, encourage them. Start the process now.”

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