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A well-known athlete is being treated for leukemia

Greg Lemond, a three-time Tour de France winner for a former cyclist, was diagnosed with leukemia.

“sFortunately it is a curable type of cancer and a type of leukemia that is not life-threatening or debilitating.” The two-time world champion, the 60-year-old American athlete, said on Monday. LeMond revealed that he’s been experiencing burnout lately: this has led him to investigate himself.

“No one ever wants to hear the word cancer, but it’s a relief to finally know why I’m wrong.” He said.

A well-known athlete is being treated for leukemiaSource: shutterstock

He confirmed that the treatments prescribed by doctors will start this week. He added that he had hoped to see the French circuit in July himself, but would eventually follow the race he won in 1986, 1989 and 1990 among his friends. However, he expressed confidence that he could travel to the Tour next year, as he said that “the long-term outlook is favorable”.

LeMond is the only American rider officially claiming to be a Tour winner, as his countrymen, Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis, who won the French circuit, have been disqualified for doping.

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