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Abel Anita said goodbye to Carola Ksoros with two stories

They often photographed together in the neighbourhood.

“All day, my thoughts were stumbling… I heard the news from a journalist… I was offline, I didn’t listen and didn’t watch anything. Then they called six hundred, say something, they asked, a few words… But what? To say.. I’m sorry, I was shaken… I didn’t say, I just hung up… Now I got home and collected my thoughts… There are too many memories instead of a picture together,” the Life TV presenter wrote on Instagram.

Opel AnitaSource: Instagram

“I was the front of the country…never for me, Karcsi for me…who we once laughed at home in the back seat of a car without Adam winning the opera to not even hear us,” he said.

According to another story, Carola Shross unexpectedly came on her 18th birthday and was partying with her all evening. “His horrifying humor and boundless kindness were really well known to those close to him. And if he did come up on stage as an actress, he’d shine and I could see that too… Hug me, talking about the goodness you’ve loved here on earth,” wrote Anita Appel.

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