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About Musculoskeletal Disorders in Semmelweis Health Days

What are the most common orthopedic surgeries? What sports can people who use the hip joint play? What could be the cause of sudden cardiac death of athletes? How are modern shoulder surgeries performed today? Who can be an athlete? How to design a home office environment? All of these issues will be taken up on the Semmelweis Health Days online program on April 29th. Professionals from the Department of Orthopedics at Semmelweis University, Department of Physiotherapy, Department of Sports Medicine and the Department of Health Development are waiting for those interested in an event focusing on movement disorders and musculoskeletal muscles with 21 consultations.

Through lectures, physicians and physiotherapists will provide insight into, among other things, how hip implantation is performed, how post-rehabilitation is performed, and how this intervention restores the possibility of painless movement. There will also be talk that knee pain not only affects the elderly but can also affect young people, which can be caused by an unstable lifestyle as well as an overload.

There will be two lectures on shoulder diseases at this event. Those interested can learn about shoulder arthroscopy (reflexology), which has become widespread thanks to the technical advances of modern shoulder surgery and involves less surgical pain and allows for a faster recovery. There will also be talk of physical therapy for shoulder ailments, including beneficial forms of exercise that should be avoided in the event of shoulder pain.

Photo: Attila Kovacs – Similweiss University

For most affected people, movement damage can be traced back to a form of perinatal brain damage that is difficult to detect in childhood, but it is important to detect these abnormalities as early as possible and begin treatment. Often times, a surgical solution is suggested by professionals, who also consider it a priority to dispel parents’ concerns about the operation, which will also be discussed by the professionals during the program.

At the event, those interested can also gain an insight into the lives of elite athletes and learn, among other things, why sudden cardiac death is the most common death among athletes, what is the relationship between iron deficiency and athletic performance, and where overtraining is. He can drive. Parasailing was not excluded from the group either, as sport is beneficial for everyone and works to develop and maintain physical, mental and social skills, as well as the top of the rehabilitation. What is the parachute about? How can a person become an athlete? To whom can we pay in global competitions? – This was also revealed.

In addition to related lectures and consultations, physical therapy and deep muscle training to prevent lower back complaints and beneficial movement exercises while working in the home office await those interested in the Similoys Health Days event in April, which is free to attend but in between registration. Detailed program and registration interface Available here.