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According to a new bill, I will tag edited photos on social media

All parties support the draft.

Dr. Luke Evans, now a conservative, previously worked as a GP and met a number of patients with eating and physical disorders. These people were trying to counter the false ideal of beauty pervasive on the social media front.

Dr. Evans said young women were particularly affected by the problem while he was exercising, but more and more men are falling into this trap. Often times, talented athletes also work out their fatigue and take unnecessary supplements to show off better on the beach and then get banned from exercising because the steroid test shows a positive result.

However, most of the photos uploaded to social media have been modified and there is no training plan or diet that can achieve similar results. In real life, the bodies of those who upload perfect photos are not as perfect as everyone else’s sky news.

The MP is trying to counteract the harmful trend with a bill and wants companies to name digitally altered images with a small logo. While this will not eliminate eating disorders, the law will recognize the need for change in society.

Tom Quinn, of a charity that works for eating disorders, welcomes Dr. Evans’ work against unrealistic body standards, especially since the demand for their support has increased 300 percent during the pandemic. Quinn believes that while social media isn’t the only cause of eating disorders, pressure to show up appears to lower self-esteem and self-confidence.

Dr Evans said representatives from all parties had assured him that they would support the bill, but it was not yet clear whether government support would be won. He noted that politicians in Norway, the United States and other countries have also indicated that they also want the regulation to be implemented.

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If the proposal is approved, the UK’s independent advertising regulator will set out specific guidelines on how it works. Dr Evans will present the bill to Parliament on Wednesday afternoon where it will be revealed how much support he will bring with it.