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According to an American sociologist, wearing a mask outdoors is pretty much pointless

At first, the authorities wanted to give a muzzle only to those who were confirmed to have it, and then the mask became one of the most important symbols of protection, and since autumn it has become mandatory in most cities and villages of Hungary, and in the open air. But this only makes sense according to social norms, and the symbolic purpose of shared responsibility, according to Zainab Tufikji, the health benefits are not many. And because the vaccination program in the US is also speeding up, he says it should be abandoned.

Do we still remember? In March and April 2020, especially on Easter, we heard Chief Medical Officer Cecilia Muller not to wear a mask if we were no longer infected with Coronavirus, because it was meaningless or even bad for us.

By the end of 2020, this meant that the mouth mask was not only recommended on the bus, in enclosed public places, but also outdoors, in the park, with the exception of recreational exercises: jogging, cycling, etc.

An educational but outdated procedure

Media sociologist Zainab Tufikji, who has closely followed nearly all measures of the pandemic, visited the Atlantic Ocean on April 28. He wrote an article about itA year ago, when we knew little about the virus, even the regulations regarding outer clothing were a commendable attempt in many cities and countries to make mouth masks that people find unusual, often rejected or politically hated, and accepted by public health authorities and After normalization, the fact that we now know more about the prevalence of all the SARS-Cov-19 variants that have been born since then seems like a pointless and not very targeted measure should be launched slowly.

It also refers to a new “evidence” for epidemiology in the United States, published by the CDC at the end of April, that not only explains how to wear the mask outdoors, but also makes it very complicated even for a scientific researcher who has many Tangled objects, complex color codes and vague concepts expected mask-wearing rules.

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However, Tawfiqi, who wrote an article on last spring, confirms that this has been suspected since the summer, and since the beginning of the year it has been known that no major outdoor event has taken place, which can be termed the publication of the event. Converted from some large-scale indoor party or event.

Studies published by US infection scientists on the spread of the virus have since shown that the virus behaves very differently outdoors than indoors. Coronavirus, as we all know it well and have learned about our boredom today, Exhale and then inhale the aerosolIt spreads, causing respiratory infections. However already detected by basic physics and chemistry, these air bubbles are radically diffuse in summer and winter, both indoors and outdoors, based on, for example, warmer weather, sunlight and being outdoors. There is very little chance that the people around us will be infectedEven if we are asymptomatic distributors.

So since the role of air clouds is important here, and not that of saliva droplets, as in the case of influenza, the two surfaces of distribution behave differently. Viruses in aerosols do not reach the earth upon exhalation, do not fall on any surface, but essentially float around our face and head. This is why the risk of a hug or a kiss is so important. However, if we are in a place where the air movement is excellent, the exhaled vapor that floats around our heads quickly mixes, softens and dissipates.

In addition, another factor that exacerbates the whole situation is the number of viruses that a person with coronavirus exhales: for example, recent studies show that only people with symptoms exhale as many viruses as possible in the open air. Sick, otherwise the number of viruses will simply not be enough to cause serious problems – but it is an uncertain factor that we cannot influence, just as we cannot say at a glance who was vaccinated and who was not vaccinated

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However, there is one simple rule that if we follow Tawfiqji, we will have no problem on the street or in a park without a mask: enough distance during the conversation. So, as he described last year, the CDC’s recommendations about wearing outdoor masks were “very strict and very shy” in the first place. right Now He adds, he saysThat 100 million Americans now, nearly a third of the total population, have received two doses of the vaccine, and this must be taken into account through every risk analysis when devising the rules.

The American epidemiologist also knows this in other areas: for example, people vaccinated with both doses do not have to isolate themselves now, even after traveling abroad, unless they become sick. And vaccination shows similar proportions in Hungary, so these suggestions affect us in the same way.

But what about the storm – are they still wearing a mask on the street?

This, according to the sociologist, does not make sense at all. While Tufekci says that those vaccinated with the two doses rarely become infected in an enclosed, air-free space, the chances of them being infected or injured outdoors are pretty much the same as being infected, with the sky falling on their heads from the sky.

Thus, according to Zainab Tufikji, with a very broad application of wearing the mask, the main problem is not to restrict freedom too much, to cause too much inconvenience, and not to be disturbed by philosophical repercussions, but because the unscrupulous enforce a rule and practice whose warranty period has largely expired.

When should you wear a mask outdoors?

Based on Tufakji’s explanation, if we apply the scientific findings that she reported on City Park, which met at the inauguration poisoning ceremony on April 24, we can distinguish the following cases:

+ We walk peacefully by the lake, and other people around us also walk: Whether we have the vaccine or not, the risk of contracting the virus here is minimal, You don’t need a mask.

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+ With four or five of our friends, we’re still at normal hearing distance, but not too close, we’re sitting on the hill: Whether or not we are vaccinated, the risk is small here as well. You don’t need a mask.

+ We sit in the beer garden, in the open air, on top of each other and drink all night: This is a rather complicated situation, as as the description suggests, most of the fumes that others give off that we can inhale here are, not to mention if we accidentally drink another beer or lumps form in the bathroom. If you are fully vaccinated, you don’t have much trouble here without a mask, and if you haven’t been vaccinated, you still face much less risks in the yard with a sealed room, a lot of people, or a bus, but that is Already larger than in previous cases. However, wearing a mask while drinking is very possible in the first place so here’s the problem. It really depends on how afraid you are of the virus.

+ You are protesting with sixty thousand people for the independence of SZFEThe risk is less than going shopping or traveling to the factory putting sardines in a fully packed early morning bus in Miskolc, but it’s evident among a lot of people. Really real. However, to our knowledge, until this August event did not become a hotbed of infection, Just as there has been no wave of mass protests in the world since the pandemic. Plains.

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