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According to Apple’s plans, ads may appear on the main page of the App Store

There have been such ads among the search results so far, according to Apple’s plans, such ads will appear in the “Today” menu on the main page, as well as on the pages of individual applications.

According to Apple’s plans Increase your income from services. This is not particularly harmful from the point of view of users, thanks to this change of perspective it has become easier to get into the Apple ecosystem, but getting out is no longer so easy.


So far, sponsored results have appeared in the App Store search engine, for which the app developer pays, similar to ads in the Google search engine.

Apple is now expanding this capability, and it is expected that sponsored apps will also appear in the “Today” list on the App Store homepage and in the “You May Also Like” section of each app’s page.

For such applications we will find an ad inscription with a blue background, so it is still distinct from other recommendations.

I don’t think this change is particularly bad. These ads will not be annoying but can be useful, as they display relevant content at best, and Apple has emphasized that aspects of data protection are still taken into account.

What do you think of this?


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