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According to Ceferin, English clubs are considered a lighter penalty

UEFA president Alexander Ceferin confirmed that the 12 clubs that founded the Premier League could face punishment, but also said that the English federations are expected to face lighter penalties because they soon backtracked on the idea.

Alexander Ceferin says we need to see the difference between the six English clubs and the others (Photo: AFP)

Slovenian Sports Leader was recently published by British Conservative Weekly, Mail on SundayHe gave an exclusive interview to Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​the trio of Juventus, who said the punishment was the hardest for bringing the Premier League back to life.

“Look, everyone has to bear the consequences of their actions. We cannot pretend nothing happened. These clubs were looking for trouble for themselves, and they could not say that they would be punished because everyone hated it. What they did is not okay. We will see what we can do in the coming days.” Ceferin is quoted as saying daily Mail.

“For me, it is clear that we need to differentiate between the six English clubs and the other clubs. The English were the first to back down, and they admit they made a mistake. They had so much courage that they said they were wrong. I would like to divide the twelve teams into three groups: the six Englishmen who are wrong. They have already left, followed by Atletico Madrid, AC Milan and Inter, and then the three teams (Thinking here about Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus – editor), Who believes that the Earth is flat and that the Premier League still exist. You have to see the difference. Everyone can be held responsible, but how do we see it? Uefa president added.

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A week ago, the creation of the European Super League was announced for 20 teams, with six English clubs, three Italians and three Spanish clubs among the founders, as well as plans from major political and sports circles, both internationally (FIFA) and the European Union. Widespread dissatisfaction. Fan groups also sharply criticized the planned series.

As a result, for the first time on Tuesday evening, Manchester City officially announced its withdrawal, followed by Chelsea, then Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur withdrew from the initiative. On Wednesday afternoon, Atletico Madrid, Internazionale and AC Milan all backed away, and Juventus had already rated the implementation of ESL as uncertain. Barcelona announced on Thursday whether it’s up to sponsoring members to stay part of the plan or withdraw as well. Thus, among the founding clubs, Florentino Perez, Real Madrid, did not change their position with regard to the Premier League, which was to have 15 permanent participants and five additional participants.