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According to Csaba Sós, Milac will not win unless he is poisoned

The Olympics have been held almost everywhere: based on the results of time, we have summarized our chances of winning the medal in Tokyo with Federal Captain Chapa Seuss.


Christophe Milak on a clear gold medal with 200 butterflies at the Tokyo Olympics (Photo: Hédi Tumbász)

With the exception of two superpowers, the United States and Australia, the national teams for the Olympics were held, and teams were formed in one form or another. We have now – almost hilariously – frozen the world rankings and watched them pop up through Tokyo’s glasses. Meaning, how many medals can we count in Tokyo?

“Wait, don’t look at this year’s rankings: in the year of the Olympics, we tend to see the Living Eternal Ranking, and then we’re less disappointed in the competition.” – Captain Csaba Sós gave direction. – The reason for this is that the Olympics is different from any other measurement, we assume everyone there brings out the best, so we also have to start with the best results ever. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic can also override this hypothesis, but let’s stay in the eternal living world ranking! “

Made with shutter glass!

Christophe Milak (BHSE) and 200 butterflies, we can do it with a calm heart, with student Attila Selmeci taking first place in both comparisons: his world record 1: 50.73 and swimming 1: 51.40 this year stands out from the field, and with the latter ranked eternal. Second place is also. ..

“ The man with two hundred butterflies is the number we have the best chances at: Christophe Milak won’t win unless someone puts poison in his food. Declare salt. – As our president, Sandor Vladar said: Kristof must be put in a bottle of fools, and then there will be no problem. We have to take care of him, he has to take care of himself, because he walks meters and seconds in front of the world. “

He also tops the rankings this year with hundreds of butterflies with a score of 50.47 (this is his odd number), but before we start dreaming about another gold, let’s stay on the ground: The world’s largest holder is called Caleb Dressel.

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49.50 for America is “Super Time”, and in addition, only three have swum in 50 seconds so far – Michael Phelps of America and Milorad Shavic retired from Serbia. Nothing means to the world that Dressel only reached 51.61 this year, but more than Milac is ranked seventh in the permanent world ranking, but four will be eliminated because they are no longer active, and he is the 2016 Olympic champion, Joseph & Singapore. We haven’t heard about education in a long time – that’s if not gold, but we could still dream about a medal here.

“It’s a chance to get a tremendous medal! – said Chapa Soss. – That Dressel didn’t swim much this time this year really doesn’t mean anything, we saw that in the fall at the Danube Stadium, and we also know what he can do. Excellent athlete! On the other hand, you can transport water to our mills so that Christophe cleverly observes only the two butterflies in Tokyo near work shifts, while Dressel swims by so many numbers until he gets tired of hundreds of butterflies at the end of the program. When comparing their individual best performers, there appears to be one second between them, so I’m talking “only” of the chance to get a medal.

You can also come from the capacitor …

Federal Captain Chapa Seuss (Photo: Hady Tombach)

As for world and European champion Milak, we are in an easy position, as he is constantly improving and it is very difficult to see clearly in relation to another class. Katinka is long (Iron Swim) tops the 200 and 400 mixes in the permanent standings, considering he holds the world record in both tracks, except that he’s not in the top 10 in either run this year – another track, 200 Butterfly, yeah, eighth. . In the same place this year the number is the owner of the title of world and European champion Buttercup biting (UTE) is the second.

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“Katinka swims as a butterfly and swiftly at some times as usual at this time of year, her back and breast are more sensitive. If you encounter two hundred butterflies – and I think you can throw hard here – remember that you are a great warrior! At the same time, the world champion in this number is Kapás Bogi, so when it comes to Tokyo, it’s impossible not to be among the opportunities. The captain said. – Specify spaces separately for mixed floating numbers. Two hundred have not gone beyond Katka’s world, and have not yet pursued her. Her success depends only on her own performance, if she swims near her best, she wins. The question is, are these three months sufficient for improvement? But I still have no reason not to trust him, he has already proven that he can go out from the depths, and we know what it is like to smell the smell of blood … In addition, the pain threshold is that only a few of them, so I cannot say that it will be Impossible for a mixed two hundred, even if this year’s place in the world rankings shows otherwise. With another four hundred cafes, it might come as a surprise to us because Chinese Je Si-ven is a black horse. They hide, swim differently, I don’t even list, let it be enough I have concerns … However, since Katinka is working at full strength, my heart says she can go to Tokyo under 4:30 even if she comes to the starting stone of the semester Intensive, and no one else is very capable of achieving this result. “

Example approach

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We also have a 400 man medal winner which is David Frasto (FTC), although the strange situation has arisen that in this year’s ranking, Peter Bernick (BVSC-Zugló) leads the silver medal at the World Championships.

“David already has coins from every global competition, only he does not have the Olympics. I trust him not only because I swam with his father, and because David competes in four hundred mixed races, just like I did before, but because I give an example to every athlete: He He worked during the pandemic, had good times all the time, and he was very motivated. – Captain Csaba Sós mentioned before his summary. – We have a lot of medal opportunities, and after that we didn’t even talk about a hundred men and four hundred women, plus the rapid transformations of our two men could come as a surprise, so I’m optimistic. There might be more victories than this, but since the Olympics are really a separate category, I would say I would be happy with two golds and two or three. “