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According to futurist András Kánai, anti-vaccination destroys the power of science

Tuesday 4 May 2021 0:50
Updated May 4, 2021 5:10 am

“Vaccination is the best solution, plan A. Plan B is for confinement, and sooner or later everyone will get sick and become immune. The latter is similar to Russian roulette, where you cannot predict who will infect the Coronavirus,” Andras Canai told Magyar Herlab.

The future researcher had been constantly monitoring scientific research on vaccines over the past year. Register on the first day and vaccinate himself as quickly as possible. According to him, vaccination is a destruction of scientific authority. This means that even though someone has studied for twenty years and worked in the best laboratories for fifteen years because they cannot communicate it effectively, their words are equal to the value of the words of the average person.

“ Anti-vaccination is greatly facilitated through the social media algorithm, which basically rewards polarized posts and comments, meaning what most people like, angry symbols, or what many people comment on, and people prefer reading embellished news from scientific facts.

Some people think it’s all they see on Facebook, and that’s not good because it slows down the fight against the pandemic. “

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