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According to Giovinazzi, Mazpin clearly lacks respect

Giovinazzi At the end of the first quarter, he would have tried to improve his previous circuit, which was not enough going forward, rather he had time to start another attempt. But then it came Mazpin, Who took advantage of the wind’s shadow at the finish line and defeated the Italian, who thus had to cut his lap in half.

After the timer said goodbye, he said to F1, “It’s very clear. We respect each other when we start the rounds, but he didn’t do it. It’s not fair at all for the timer, and I couldn’t get my last nail on, so yeah, it’s hard to say That. “

Giovinazzi confirmed that he “hasn’t spoken yet” with Mazepin, but that may also happen, as this is not the first similar case in a Haas driver’s short walk in Formula One. In Bahrain, for example, it outdid many other cars during the previous laps and also started some kind of unwritten rule.

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Then he argued that his engineer had told him he had to pay, otherwise time would have been wasted. In Imola, in the end, none of them reached the second stage of the qualifiers, where Giovinazzi would be able to push him out of 17th and Mazepin from 19th place for the Sunday race.

“It’s a little difficult to drive a car to balance, and it’s hard to know where you are going on each lap,” said the pilot, racing under the neutral flag, past his meter.

“Other than that, it’s a fact. We know that too. I don’t even want to chew this at the end of every week. As a team, we work great together. My teammate and I give pretty much similar feedback. I think we get Almost everything and we build a good foundation. “

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