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According to leaked emails, a huge fortune could be linked to Putin’s name

The mansions, yachts, and vineyards given by friends and oligarchs seem to belong to an informal network that has a fortune of over $4.5 billion.

A screenshot of leaked email exchanges last September indicates that holiday homes and other devices used by Russian President Vladimir Putin, which are said to be owned by separate companies, individuals and charities, are linked to a common email domain name, within

Managers of the organizations that own and manage the assets discussed day-to-day business problems as if they were part of a single organization, which, according to a Russian anti-corruption expert who requested anonymity, raises questions about whether there is a level of “common governance”.

Putin has been accused for nearly two decades of secretly amassing vast fortunes through proxies. According to official Russian records, the Russian president owns “modest assets”, including a small apartment in Saint Petersburg, two Soviet cars from the 1950s, a trailer and a small garage. Watchman in the article.

Ten years ago, Sergei Kolchnikov claimed that he was behind a program that allowed Russia’s largest oligarch to accumulate billions of rubles in an “investment fund” for Putin, but the accusations were refuted and Kalashnikov fled the country.

During a year-long investigation, Russian news site OCCRP and Medusa identified 86 companies and non-profit organizations that appeared to use the joint domain name LLCInvest, but the Kremlin denies the Russian president’s association with the organizations mentioned.

According to the disclosed information, LLCInvest Network owns $4.5 billion in assets, including a $1 billion mansion built for Putin’s personal use along the Black Sea, as well as vineyards and yachts.

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There is no indication that all network users are involved in Putin’s reporting or asset management. Only one of the affected spoke on the phone and also uses an email account as a director of several companies; He claimed that he does not know the details of his work, he only signs papers, and if his company is part of a large holding company, he would not have known.