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According to Szelvik, this is the reason why more and more people are injured

Among the races of Zelvik: the legal situation is getting worse, the number of injured and deaths is increasing. Previous waves experience is that The introduction of austerity measures should take a few weeks to show results. “We’re probably at this point, which is why we’re finding more and more infections,” he said. He added that in Hungary, too, the English rebellion dominates, which spreads much more from person to person, causes more serious diseases, can affect young people, and is more audible than previous types.

Moreover, they are also found at home

Gnos Zelvik said that the spread of different viruses in Europe and Hungary leads to an increase in the number of infections. In addition to the British variants, there were also South African and Czech versions. The doctor, for example, stated that in Great Britain, with the help of the accused, he was able to prevent the formation of a larger law, being limited to the number of cases and the number of persons involved.

Vaccination can also help people with COVID

AstraZeneca Vaccine: Who Pays It – Details!

According to him, it is necessary to continue vaccination in Hungary until most people receive the first vaccination. He also said that in countries where there is a lot of vaccination, the number of cases and the number of people with hearing have started to decline, which is why people trust our vaccines better when they read them. Referring to a recent study, Jnos Szlvik reported that if he recovered from the infection, he would have COVID syndrome for 15, or more than 30 cases. They will be protected for three months after recoveryThe vaccine may have a “serious beneficial effect” on their symptoms.

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