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According to Szikora, the success of Bi

According to national team goalkeeper Melinda Sikora, her German handball team, SG BBM Bietigheim, owes three titles this season, according to MTI.

Sikora excelled at the gates of Bettgenheim in the Ailee final (Photo: AFP)

Bietigheim has won every game of the season so far: He won the German Super Cup in September, claimed the top spot in the league in weeks, and was also the best in Europe’s fourth league last weekend and the semi-finals in Germany. Cup.

In an interview with MTI on Tuesday, a 32-time national team called up, Szikora, joined his new team after last summer’s Tokyo Olympics in the middle of the founding period, and on the first day he felt he had fallen into good frame and professional players in an incredibly good mood.

“We had tight matches, but in the fierce battles the experience was always with us and everyone was able to stay calm.” The goalkeeper said the matches of the season so far.

Bietigheim had a very difficult task ahead in the fourth round of the European League in Denmark, as he had two Danish opponents. Sikora noted that they knew we were going to have tough times, and although the host teams helped prepare them not to have to travel, they had to play in important league matches, which eventually turned the tables in Germany’s favour.

Bittgheim won 34-33 in the semi-finals, ahead of Herning Ecast only twice, 1-0 and 2-1. The goalkeeper remembers starting the match well and keeping it on hand, but in the second half their momentum broke and a stalemate ensued.

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“They hung and frightened us, I was tired too, the defenses didn’t come.” Said Sigoura, who defended eight shots. Poland’s Karolina Kudlaks-Gluck scored the winning goal two seconds before the end. The Hungarian goalkeeper admitted they were tired after a very steep semi-final, but they all made it to the finals against Viborg Hong Kong with only sixty minutes to stay.

“On the one hand, we mustered all our energy, and when the adrenaline is very high, the player does not get tired. On the other hand, we reached the quarter-finals in a very good physical condition.” He said. He emphasized that routine was on their side as well, with more experienced handball players forming their framework, with Viborg adopting more of the youngsters.

In the Sunday final for 31-20 Szikora contributed 11 defenses to the success.

“This time we started very well, we controlled the match. In the second half, Viborg might have given up, and made several technical errors, to which perhaps the fatigue contributed.” It is to explain.

Bettigheim celebrated winning the No. 2 European Cup Winners’ Cup in Denmark on Sunday night and then in Germany after returning home.

“It was very intense for two days, we were partying constantly, but we are preparing for our next game from Wednesday” said the Hungarian guard.

The tournament concludes next Saturday in front of the Albec team Metzingen at the Bettigheim stadium, and the German Cup finals will take place next weekend, with Thuringer being the first competitor for the Zicora team.

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The goalkeeper confirmed that he is very happy that last year he decided to go abroad after Kiskonhalas, Alba Vervar, Ferencvaros and Siofok KC and chose the German club. Although he only signed for one season initially, management has a large part of the framework together, so he also extended his contract for another year.

“I can be in the Champions League again next year, I am happy that we can show ourselves and I think we will be able to surprise you” He thought.