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According to the court, one of the SZFE coaches has already been fired in retaliation

Anna Fur criticized the paradigm change and also took part in the Freeszfe movement. After his dismissal, he filed a labor lawsuit, and won the first class.

immediately In 2017, he entered the University of Theater and Film as a researcher, then quickly became a teacher and participated in research aimed at reforming drama and media education in its entirety, it was clear that his employers were satisfied with it. However, his contract expired in February 2020, and he decided to spend the next few months at home, on a negative six-month GYED, given his two-year-old twins and the viral situation.

Half a year later, in September 2020, SZFE, which had undergone a paradigm change, had already rehired him, but his contract also included a probationary period, despite his previous work of three years. The university eventually took this opportunity to dismiss her soon, because during the probationary period the employer was not obliged to justify the termination, Fauer, who was convinced that the decision was due to his participation in the Freeszfe movement and the university workers’ strike was depicting the events of the university occupation, thought Fauer, who filed a labor suit In February to find out the truth.

The coach was defended by the Liberties Association (HCLU) in court, where a preliminary ruling was recently passed – Discover HVG, related article explaining the reason for the decision

It was already a criticism of the new university model, so the dismissal could be called revenge.

In addition to Anna Fore, in the fall of 2020, SZFE coaches issued a statement, informing about

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Separation that cannot be justified on professional grounds, describing the action lacking humanity as trivial and unacceptable.