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According to the Germans, there is no freedom of opinion in Germany

Germans say there is no freedom of opinion in Germany, according to a recent poll. According to the survey, less than half of those surveyed said they were free to express their opinions, a significant decrease from two-thirds of the past decades. Viktor Orban spoke about this: he said in the M1 newsletter that the hope of being able to speak openly about what hurts the citizens of member states must be restored.

Muslim immigrants, patriotism and patriotism – according to a survey published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, these topics are a sensitive area in German public discourse.

In a recent survey conducted by a German research institute, a majority of German citizens complained that they felt they were trying to dictate to them in detail how to act under the rubric of political correctness.

According to opinion polls, while in the 1960s, two-thirds of Germans, in June 2021, were only less than half of German citizens,

A total of 45 percent said they are free to express their opinions.

Respondents said that even in personal conversations, care should be taken to ensure that content and language are politically correct.

The European Union was created to protect European citizens, but the political elite in Brussels are abusing their power. This is also supported by the fact that Germans say that there is no freedom of opinion in Germany“- Prime Minister Viktor Orban stressed in connection with the survey.

The Prime Minister noted that hope must be restored that Europeans will be able to decide on European life and speak frankly about what harms the citizens of member states. This requires freedom fighters like the Hungarians.

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The prime minister emphasized that the goal is to dare to be democrats and freedom fighters in Brussels too, because, he said, this is the only way for a new European renaissance to be born.

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