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According to the news, the abandoned development has basically stopped

Previously, the topic of public discourse was abandoned because some players saw Hideo Kojima’s secret horror project in it, but now the press is more concerned that the game’s business is not going well.

Wrote a great article for Game Spot Regarding the abandoned, where he wrote that work on the project has basically stopped. The newspaper was able to speak to several people who have a relatively good view of the project, including the face of a member of the private Discord server in which Hasan Kahraman, president of Blue Box Game Studios, which is developing the game, shares details. and attractions. About the title – versus the privacy statement of course.

According to GameSpot information, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the development of Abandoned, while Kahraman promises a lot but doesn’t do much: he often missed the deadlines he had set himself,” the newspaper wrote. GameSpot knows, in private conversations, that Kahraman has confirmed that Abandoned Development Pending and will need money to complete the Introduction game first – magazine sources also indicated that Kahraman isn’t really in a hurry.

The Blue Box is a question for PC refute All this: The studio says Deserted is still in development, and the GameSpot article is based solely on speculation from angry fans. “The introduction will appear when it is complete,” they said.

By the way, the team recently had to offer a similar explanation, due to the deletion of some old tweets about jarred.