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According to the Polish government, it went to EU funds due to legal aggression on the part of the union

He said on Friday that Poland’s Constitutional Court had opposed the growing legal aggression of EU bodies when it ruled that the relationship between EU law and the Polish constitution was the highest in Poland. Zbigniew Ziobro Polish Minister of Justice.

Zobro, who represents one of the smaller coalition parties in the Polish government, commented on the Warsaw Constitutional Court’s decision the day before at a press conference. The commission found that some provisions of EU treaties and their interpretation by the Court of Justice of the European Union are inconsistent with the Polish constitution.

Ziobro interpreted the ruling, “The Constitutional Court found neither less nor more the fact that the Constitution, and not international treaties or treaties, is the highest-ranking law in Poland.”

The decision is extremely important in light of the “increasing legal aggression of EU bodies backed by Berlin and other European capitals”. Sziobro argued that the goal of this aggression was to treat Poland as a kind of colonial state with a higher level of constitution than its own, which was espoused by unelected bodies by Polish citizens.

He accused the Polish opposition of hypocrisy and cynicism, specifically the rule of the main opposition party, the Civic Tribune. Donald Tusk Former Prime Minister. He criticized the fact that the EU’s founding treaties are now given priority, while the Polish Basic Law has recently been used as a symbol of anti-government protests.

Poland’s opposition-majority Senate voted Friday in favor of Poland’s decision on EU membership, declaring Thursday’s Constitutional Court decision in violation of the principles of the Polish constitution and the interests of the state. Senators expressed concern that the ruling “legally provides for Poland’s exit from the European Union.”

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In the 100-member Senate, 51 citizens voted in favor of the resolution, 47 opposed, and two were absent.

The Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday after Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki considered the question of the primacy of EU law and the Polish constitution in the March proposal.

Morawiecki wrote in his Thursday evening Facebook post that the ruling confirmed what could be “literally inferred from the Polish constitution”. He added that a similar conclusion had been reached in recent years by the constitutional courts of several EU member states.

According to him, Poland’s place is and will remain in the family of European countries, but it is unacceptable to treat it as a “secondary country”. “We want a society that people respect, not an equal and more equal society,” he said.

This is our society, our union, we want such an EU, and we will also form such an EU

– Read on Morawiecki’s post.


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