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According to the President of Lithuania, the flow of immigrants from Belarus has receded

On Friday, he said the flow of migrants from Belarus was easing at the Lithuanian border Ingrida Simonet, Prime Minister of the Baltic State in Vilnius.

According to the information we have, it’s over

Simonet was quoted as saying by the BNS Baltic News Agency. The Prime Minister added that the regime of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko can no longer withstand the continuous influx of illegal immigrants.

The Lithuanian government decided last week not to extend the state of emergency, which expires on Friday, November 10 last, along its borders.

However, Simonet drew attention to the fact that the situation in the border areas can be restored once the situation escalates again. As he said, there are currently 1,500 to 2,000 immigrants in Belarus who may try to cross the border illegally in the future.

The borders of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia have come under increasing pressure in recent months from Belarus, where thousands of migrants are camped out hoping to reach the European Union. Vilnius responded to the migrant crisis by strengthening border protection and erecting a border fence. Lithuanian border guards arrested more than 8,100 border violators.

The European Union blames her Alexander Lukashenko The president of Belarus has called for retaliation against Western sanctions imposed following the suppression of protests following the disputed presidential election in August 2020 by orchestrating the migrant crisis. Lukashenko denies this. Belarus allegedly helped Middle Eastern nationals, largely Iraqis, get to Minsk and attempt to transport them through the European Union.


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