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According to the United Nations, droughts are becoming more frequent and protracted

The United Nations held its annual Earth Summit, now taking place in Ivory Coast in West Africa, and focused on the increasingly alarming drought and its problems.

A number of topics were discussed at the event, including the fact that recent surveys indicate that more and more droughts will be observed due to climate change, with periods of drought increasing at a rapid pace worldwide. According to a report released as a result of climate change Desertification has increased by 29% since the turn of the millenniumAnd he’s a really cool character.

The growth of drought-prone areas poses a major challenge to humanity, which also hinders sustainable development. Increasing water scarcity and persistent drought are most prevalent in developing countries, but blurring of these boundaries is also becoming more common.

The problem is particularly concerning for India, North and South America and Australia, but also for forest fires in the Amazon region. awesome predictions came to light. According to experts, by 2050, unless there is a drastic change in our way of life, more than 5 billion people in the world will suffer from water shortages, not to mention more tragedies.

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