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Action fans expected for the fifth time at FőnixFitt in Debrecen – video – Debrecen news, Debrecen news | Debrecen and Hadi Bihar provinces news

He is waiting for action fans for the fifth time at FőnixFitt in Debrecen – with video

Debrecen – The large-scale entertainment and team sports event once again promotes sports, aerobics and exercise, and emphasizes their role in maintaining health.

PhoenixFitt was last hosted in February 2020. It has been missed this year by the coronavirus pandemic, but organizers are already preparing for next year’s event. The concept has not changed: famous performers are back again, of course studios and fitness rooms are represented in Debrecen as well. In addition to exercise, there will also be lectures on a healthy lifestyle, so the classic Phoenix Fit awaits those who want to exercise.

Photo: Szabolcs Kandert

– You can learn about many forms of movement at the same time, so whoever dedicates this day can decide what is best for him, – said Tamas Deccan, Managing Director of MSE Klaszter Kft.

Phoenix Hall is still hosting the event, and a renovation is expected by the end of the month. Next year, this will be the first large-scale event within its walls.

“When the idea for FőnixFitt came up, we immediately thought that this could be an event where Debrecen residents can not only enjoy a sporting event in the stands, but can also participate in it,” noted András Becsky, Managing Director of Debrecen Sports Centre.

Deputy Mayor Diana Wade said that professional and mass sports are not only important to the city.

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Therefore, the developments will focus not only on significant investments, but also on providing sports opportunities to neighborhood residents.

– We believe that health moves. This mass sporting event is a major community event. Diana Wade confirmed that I am very proud to have been involved in it so many times.

The event will take place on January 8, 2022, and discount tickets can already be purchased.