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Acute heart attack can occur in the ear: It can lead to hearing loss

Hearing loss can occur for a number of reasons. It can be a slow process, but it can happen suddenly. The cause is not always known, in which case it is called idiopathic hearing loss.

About the causes of this frightening phenomenon and whether you had a heart attack, Doctor. Sindoor’s kiss Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, A Ear, Nose and Throat Center His doctor answered.

Hearing loss – they don’t always know its causes

There are several known causes of hearing loss, they can be temporary or permanent. For example, hearing loss accompanied by tinnitus the day after a loud concert, or hearing loss as a symptom of a cold.

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Permanent hearing loss can also be caused by lesions that may require surgery, such as rupture of the round window (fluid entering the eardrum through the round window) or osteoporosis (which restricts the movement of one of the ear bones, the stirrup). However, in some cases, the exact cause of the hearing loss is not known, and they are called idiopathic hearing loss.

Possible causes of idiopathic hearing loss

It has been suggested that idiopathic hearing loss may be due to infections in the ear, such as otitis media, but it can also be caused by a viral infection that also affects the auditory nerve. The role of stress is often shown as a possible cause, but in many cases experts describe the phenomenon behind hearing impairment as an ear attack.

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A special case of sudden hearing loss occurs when a heart attack occurs, known as cardiovascular disease in the ear. If there is vasospasm or hemorrhage in this area, then we are talking about an attack in the ear. It usually affects one of the ears, and since the patient loses almost all of his hearing, he quickly recognizes the lesion.

– In the event of sudden hearing loss, it is always important to see a doctor as soon as possible – warns Dr. Sindoor’s kiss. Treatment is most effective if it is started early, preferably in the first three days. In this case, appropriate medication can be used to repair the lesion. However, if the patient waits too long, the chances of curing the problem without permanent hearing loss are reduced.

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