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Adam Driver escaped the madness of Cannes

Leos Carax Annette This year’s Cannes Film Festival kicked off its stellar musical, Cannes, which was exactly what an opening Cannes film should be in such a strong mood. Adam Driver had never been given a more complex task before, but for Marion Cotillard, the puppet piece also provided an unforgettable character. Festival criticism.

Much troubling uncertainty has accompanied preparations for the 74th Cannes Film Festival, which was postponed from May to July due to the pandemic, as In our article We also wrote. Yesterday my colleagues and I arrived at the festival and the chaos is building. The security personnel who carve the EU vaccine certificate QR code in front of the Festival Palace can and cannot read it, the online ticket ordering system does not work more than once, and the long, winding lines that have been reprimanded so much in previous years have not been eliminated. Of course, there are huge crowded lines where participants snatch the QR code of your ticket from your phone, but next to it you check for a long time whether the same name appears on your ticket and in the festival ticket, then you take the contents of your bag into atoms and then – after the previous free reservation system is gone – Even the hostess will take care of your ticket in the room, lest you take another seat. Next year, they may figure out how to organize all this effectively.

But of course, despite all the (legitimate) complaints, I don’t think a journalist here at the moment wouldn’t be incredibly upset about being here again after two good years, no matter how much paralysis and unnecessary bureaucracy. You have to suffer, the point is to put it together. the festival.

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Once again, as a member of a large community of movie lovers, you can shoot together on a huge screen. And only here and then you happen to go down a small street from the Festival Palace to your residence and sit there in front of the buffet Pedro Almodóvar with his companions.

CG International Cinema

tuesday night opening movie, Leos Carax Annette His brilliant musicals, though shared by critics, were exactly what a Cannes opening film should be in such a heightened mood: an astonishing, fun and entertaining mental throwback. It’s a deal that instantly makes you deeply experience what you’ve been missing out on over the past year and a half – because you have to look at such a deal on the big screen, with others, and because you can argue about it so hard afterward.

Anyone who has seen and adored Carax’s previous brainstorming, like his last movie nine years ago, Holy enginest, I can assure you that it is Annette It was nothing short of gone. Two and a half hours of music Adam Drevrel And the Marion CotillardWith the heroes, who instead of dialogue in the majority – several times cameo in the film – sparks The brothers communicate with each other and with us with satirical songs of the time. Driver plays a stand-up comedian named Henry, swayed by doubts and frustrations, who we see for a long time through his grotesque, aggressive and self-branding presentation. The star is already making an amazing big turn here, and the character, who takes a surprising and extreme trajectory during the movie, provides an opportunity to light up a lot of different colors. There was no doubt yet that he was a talented actor, but this is probably the most complex task he has received in his career so far (as a reminder: he keeps singing in the meantime) and he solves every moment admirably. Really cool formation.

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Anne, Cotillard, a pair of opera singers Henry, also captured alongside Driver, his character isn’t too elaborate, and as playtime progresses, he becomes a dwarf icon that helps Henry’s drama more and more. In addition, Cotillard took third place only because another real star of the film, spotted with unusual dance entries, is absolutely stunning, but sometimes a little sitting, doll next to the driver. She is the little girl from the title character Annette, Henry and Anne, who is not played by Carax with a wooden doll.

But how do you play that wooden doll!

It is not the art and strangeness of this solution that is the real joke, but the fact that we sympathize with this strange structure, we are so concerned about it, it presses against our hearts just as if it were a living being. In the dark fairy world of Carax, there is room for everything and everything to the contrary, but that does not mean that his nightmarish visions are self-serving. On the contrary, the physical and metaphysical transformations of forms are highly thought out and imbued with emotional meaning.