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Adam Mart became a “victim” of scoring after Brexit

“My future? What is certain is that unfortunately I am unable to log into England because I do not have the transfer numbers I need after Brexit.” Bucks striker Adam Martin spoke to M4 Sport cameras after the England win about the questionable sequel and the fact that despite his interest in the tournament, he could not sign for the English second tier. But what do these points mean?

There were bureaucratic obstacles to Adam Martin’s contract with England (Photo: Karoly Orvay)

As Director of Football Gabor Papp said on the National Sports podcast in early June, the FA have set stricter contract terms for EU footballers after Brexit.

Points are awarded to football players based on several criteria, such as the number of international and national matches they have played and the strength of the team they represent. The other is the number of league matches they have played, the strength of the league, how far the club has progressed in the European Cup series in recent years, what its quality is in the league and where it has finished.

Given that dám Martin has only played in the Hungarian League so far and currently plays in six matches for the national team, he has only two or three points, and needs fifteen points to get a work permit.

Example: If someone is in one of the top 50 countries in the FIFA World Ranking and has played in 70 percent of the national team’s matches in the last 24 months, they will automatically take the hitch, but the Paks striker will not score in that category with their six matches. According to the federation, regulations were put in place to protect local talent, forcing the academies to train competent footballers.

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