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Adél Csobot at the premiere of her film in a red dress: this is how she appeared on the red carpet – a Hungarian star

Released in cinemas on December 9, 2021 Get your hands off my dad! Family movie. One of the protagonists of the story to be featured in a Megafilm production, directed by Kata Dubo and Buda Julius Adél Csobot it will be.

The 27-year-old actress For the first time he shows his talent in a movie, She plays the bare-hearted camp leader, Esther, but also sings one of the film’s inclusion songs.

Give Csobot El with his own hands from my father! in the first show

In the video made for Eszter’s song, in addition to the main characters of the film, some of the most iconic combinations of the film appear, such as the drum, the cool old car, the mysterious Kálmán machine and, ultimately, the director, Kata Dobo.

El Bedi from my father! According to his story, when Dorka (Marczinka Bori), a big-mouthed girl who lives in her own fantasy world, discovers that her widowed father (Bokor Barna) is remarrying and has a stepmother (Anna Pálmai), she immediately suspects that her world is turned upside down. . He does everything in his power to get angry. He fights the unimaginable stepmother to be a witch.

When his father sends him to camp so that he is not under his feet, he finds new allies: some brave girl, a strange underground creature, a cook who works as a cook, and most importantly, a smiling and rich camp leader (Adel Kezobot) with them. Sooner or later, your father has to meet too…

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In addition to Bori Marczinka, Adél Csobot, Anna Pálmai and Barna Bokor, we can also see Kati Zsurzs, Gábor Nagypál, Gabit Gubás, Máté Járai, Ferenc Elek, Csaba Pindroch and Tamás Borovics.

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Adél Csobot, of course, appeared at the premiere of his first movie starring with his partner Benedos Divine. Let’s show you how El stepped on the red carpet with the hands of my dad! Other beautiful stars.