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After a long time, you can have a beer again at pubs in the UK

True, only on the terrace. Opening in the UK will continue from Monday.

According to a detailed opening schedule drawn up by the British government, all stores in the UK will be open from Monday, and guests will be greeted by restaurants that cater to outdoor service.

On February 22, the British government released a four-phase action plan designed to help control the corona virus epidemic and gradually ease controls to restart the economy and social life. As a first step, teaching can begin in all schools in the UK on March 8.

On March 29, even as part of the first initiative, restrictions were lifted that allowed people living in the UK to leave their homes only in the most reasonable cases.

Under the second comprehensive mitigation measure, which went into effect on Monday, shops selling non-essential home goods and restaurants that are open to outdoor service, such as gardens or terraces, may be reopened without opening hours. Businesses that provide personalized services, including social services such as hairdressers, beauty salons, gyms and libraries, may also open.

From Monday, zoos, leisure parks, spas and car cinemas will welcome visitors back. In addition, domestic tourism is possible in the UK, but currently only through self-catering accommodation, only those living in the same house can stay with each other in these hotels.

Thirty people can attend weddings from Monday 15 and thirty people at funerals. This control affects II. Elizabeth Her husband, who died last Friday, Philippines At the Prince of Edinburgh’s Saturday funeral, only thirty people can attend.

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The next date for the detailed start-up schedule drawn up by the government is May 17, when six people who do not live in one house can stay indoors in each other’s company.

The UK government has already indicated that May 17 may also be the starting date for re-authorization of overseas travel for tourism purposes, but due to the epidemiological and immunization situation abroad, this date cannot yet be guaranteed to be stable.

The start-up schedule facilitates increasing restrictions every five weeks and aims to quickly raise all restrictions by June 21 if all conditions are met.

The conditions set by the British government to open continue to be met: the number of serious illnesses and deaths caused by the corona virus infection is steadily and significantly declining, and experts say this is now a clear indication of the effects of the vaccine campaign.

According to the latest data from the UK Department of Health, seven people across the country die every week in the 24 hours leading up to Sunday night of Covit-19 disease caused by a corona virus infection; This is the lowest daily mortality rate since mid-September. During the peak of January, Govt-19 had a period of more than 1,800 deaths in a single day.