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After a power outage, they played half the time at Germot at dusk

Rookie Gyirmót played a 1-1 draw at home against MTK in the first round of NB I football Friday night. The home team took the lead in the 27th minute, then one of the lights on the field went out, so the match had to continue in the second half with limited visibility. MTK tied with a good increase in the 54th minute and was also at a human disadvantage due to Ferrera’s display in his hair, but the score did not change later, both teams scored one point in the opening round.

Surprisingly, Gyirmó was ahead of Vasas in NB II last season, so he reached the front again four years later, alongside Debrecen, for only the second time in his history. Aurél Cserői’s team has not lost any points in the last six matches and by several wins it has outdone its rival in Angyalföld, who collected the same number of points.

Friday night’s game odds were MTK, who finished seventh last season in NB I, with a new coach, 36-year-old Giovanni Costanino, to cut him into the 2021/2022 season. The young Italian coach knows Hungarian football well, having previously worked as an assistant to Marco Rossi.

Gyirmó started the confrontation better, in the third minute after a mistake by Palincsár, Barnabás Varga hastily shot more than 12 metres. In the eighth minute, HerKera threatened MTK with a free kick, but the Colombian’s 30-meter shot hit the crossbar. The blue jersey guests had more possession of the ball, but there was also a danger in the counter-attacks of the rookie team.

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In the 26th minute, Germo advanced from a counter-attack, with Ferreira’s own goal. Herjeczki put in a lot of effort to shoot from the right, but the visitors’ goalkeeper managed to clear the ball away.

Gyirmó remained in his momentum, and MTK was caught with the goal scored. The penalty kick in the 37th minute of the match gave the hosts a chance to increase the score, but Weir’s overconfidence hit the ball wide of the goal trying to clear it in the top corner. Patrick Nagy’s shot went wide.

Fargo could have scored from the 40th minute, but the Budapest defender hit the ball poorly in a great position. After a minute, there was more chance of a tie against MTK, but Palincsár’s clever development pressed the goal post.

The events unfold before the break, leaving a roaring roar on the other side as well, Wade could not hit the ball in front of him closely, which Mijatovic finally picked up.

In the stretch, one of the reflectors caused a problem, its brightness decreased significantly, and therefore visibility conditions became more restrictive on the track. The referee had no doubts and gave a penalty in favor of Peter Zierklarach. Finally, after more than 51 minutes of play, the teams playing in Twilight took a breather.

It turned out that there were problems with electricity throughout the city, they tried to install a strobe inverter with collectors, moreover, other lamps did not give perfect brightness either. After a while, the lighting conditions did not improve, but at the referee’s whistle, the second part of the match began.

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So the teams continued at dusk, and it seemed like the match should be played even in such conditions.

The rookie started the second half better, in the 52nd minute Medgyes hit the short corner after a beautiful work, but only hit the side net.

In the 54th minute, MTK equalized, and Miewski rose to the net with a beautiful move over Harsvalve, who emerged from an acute angle. The match was followed by a replay by a video referee, in which Dimitrov appeared to have had to reach the ball with his hand during the event. But the decision did not change, and the goal was scored.

In the 66th minute, Mitrovic had to defend Herzetsky’s shot, and shortly after Major’s shot, Jermo did not care about the score. There was a chance in front of MTK too, in the 72nd minute Grosav Harsvalvey tested from 20 metres, then the Hungarian goalkeeper had to defend Ramadani’s attempt and Palinksar.

In the 80th minute, Jermo missed a great position, and Medgyes did not take advantage of the fact that one of the defenders slipped, and hit the left post at ziccer.

In the 90th minute, with the help of the referee, the referee showed Ferreira’s own goal, for the sake of which he raised his foot well and kicked his opponent well.

MTK player Nagy Zsumbur also had to take care of, after an unfortunate collision, his scalp was torn, so the match lasted much longer than the specified 5-minute extension, which was delayed further than planned due to a power outage.

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In the end, no more goals were scored in this unusual confrontation, and both teams took one point in the first round.