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After Brexit, many EU citizens living in the UK left the country

Chief chef Frank Raymond has lived in London for more than two decades. A proud Frenchman who would never return to his homeland. Since Brexit, he believes, French winemakers have changed … but this has deliberately made it much harder for British businesses.

“Importing French wine is very difficult. But importing Spanish and Italian wines is not a problem. Who or what can do about it? Bureaucracy, nothing else …” – he said.

The experience with Brexit was different – not just for the French. But it is also true that many EU citizens have decided to leave the country. According to employment figures, 9% fewer EU citizens worked in the UK last year than before Brexit. Many believe this number is even higher.

“They say the French population here in London is larger than in Strasbourg, Nantes and Bordeaux. But after Brexit, the French tell stories of how much racism has increased, which is supported by statistics,” said Luke Hanrahman.

According to the British government, racial and religious hatred has increased by 15-25% in the UK and Wales since the vote to leave the EU.

“I’m telling the truth, I’m glad to be living in London, but after Brexit, sometimes I feel like they really do not like me. How do I feel about going home? Sometimes I have to say yes – especially last year,” Karen Reynard said.

“The first question everyone asks me about immigration is where I came from – I can feel racism in the UK. It’s not a topic in the past. , “C Ahmed added.

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“If you want to come here as a Frenchman living outside the UK to gain work experience or study, you feel rejected because applying is almost impossible,” Virginie Howlet complained.

According to an earlier summary of the French embassy, ​​the number of French people living in the UK was over 300,000. In the last three years, their number has dropped by more than 40,000, according to official figures. They have chosen to do better if they do not live in the UK.