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After Richard Branson, six hundred paid space tourists have conquered the sky

After SpaceX and Blue Origin, the private space company Virgin Galactic has now made a successful test flight. The unit, which had two pilots, reached an altitude of 89 kilometers. After two more flights, they could launch a space tourism.

Recently, Virgin Galactic appeared to be lagging the other two companies after being late to test flights, and it seemed disturbing that the main owner, Richard Branson, had sold its shares. Now, however, the situation has changed abruptly: a successful test flight was conducted with two pilots, and The Hungarian nation.

A vehicle called Unity reached an altitude of 89 kilometers before returning to Earth. The boundaries of outer space are about 100 kilometers high, but they are not precisely defined. They are just an approximate number. The important point is that the curvature of the Earth is clearly visible and the sky is black, that is, the surrounding space, because there is hardly anything from the atmosphere here:

At this altitude, a millionth of the measured air pressure at sea level can be detected.

The vehicle had a special purpose-built plane with a height of 13 kilometers, where it launched its rocket engines, accelerating at three times the speed of sound, so it quickly reached the limit of outer space. The pilot’s flight is a complete success compared to previous flights, so the next rehearsal, with four passengers plus pilots, could come to simulate future commercial flights where six paid tourists will take part in the flights. On the third and final test flight, you are truly alone

Richard Branson is also planning to attend, after which time paying travelers can attend.

There is no shortage of them: So far there are six hundred applicants, if they can fly, the company will finally start making revenue.

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It will be the first well-paid mission for the Italian Air Force, as they have purchased some seats so that their experts can study changes in gravity and its effects during the flight. If the next two test flights are also successful, and the US aviation authority, the FAA, evaluates the data and then issues a permit based on it, the scheduled flights could begin. The test flight took place over the desert in the territory of the state of New Mexico, and it is planned that trade routes will also be implemented here, since there is no inhabited area here, and the noise of the flight is not disturbed. anyone.

Unlike traditional spaceflight, it’s here

There is no matter orbiting the Earth, it is simply taking off at an altitude of ninety kilometers,

Then they come back from there. Later, of course, it cannot be excluded that long journeys may take place at this altitude, and the distance between distant destinations may be shortened. So now we are talking about real space tourism, where the only purpose of the flight is to go as high as possible and from there to see space and our Earth. Richard Branson was the first. Who came up with this idea over ten years ago, but since then, his opponents, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have pulled out, so the competition for the passengers will slowly begin.

Cover photo illustration (British billionaire Sir Richard Branson, president of Virgin Group, presents a Virgin Galactic passenger spacecraft at Mojave Desert Airport on February 19, 2016, Photo: MTI / EPA / Bob Riha Jr.)

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