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After the mass vaccination, Britain began to open up

In the UK, the number of new infections is declining due to mass vaccinations and previous severe shortages. So the most drastic relaxation can begin today: schools reopen. If the epidemic does not continue until then, further action will be taken by mid-June, M1 News reported.

A sensible click in West Yorkshire marks what happened as students and parents waited more than two months: the reopening of schools in the UK. Millions of students returned to classrooms on Monday.

Children are tested three times in the first week and then twice a week and must wear a mask in the classroom.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson noted: The vaccine program has reopened. In the island nation, every third person has already been vaccinated.

“March 8 is the first big step we take on the path to our independence, thanks to vaccinations. All students are due to return to school on Monday. A huge thank you to the parents who have been diligent over the past few weeks. I hope we are ready now. People want to go back. They feel they need it. Regarding the dangers of opening a school, in my opinion, the real risk is not opening it because being at home is a cost of learning. ” Said Boris Johnson.

However, the London results suggest that students may be prepared for harder work than before: there will be longer teaching days and shorter school breaks to make up for missed time in the coming months.

At the same time, the Johnson government has announced another travel ban: Henceforth, residents of the UK will have to give written reasons if they wish to go abroad.

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